Image of the Tilian Factory Reset Album cover with the vinyl record exposed to show its coloring, on a pink and blue marbled background. The vinyl is a blue and white marble pattern. The album cover says Tilian- Factory Reset in the top left, and the image is a road with double yellow lines in the center of the road, with cactuses on each side of the album cover, with red and blue mountains. The sky is dark and features a full moon toward the center, stars, and a shooting star on the left side.

Factory Reset Alternate Cover White/Blue/Black Vinyl LP

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Factory Reset Red/Neon Green/Black Vinyl LP - Limited to 300

Track List:
Holy Water
Caught In The Carousel
All I Crave Is Peace
Is Anarchy A Good Hobby?
Factory Reset
Act Out
Hands Around My Throat

Album release date is April 23rd
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